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Pandit Divyang Vakil

The world needs two things: true music and correct knowledge. – Pandit Divyang Vakil

Pandit Divyang Vakil

Guru Pandit Divyang Vakil, fondly known as Guruji, is a renowned for his teaching excellence, composing brilliance and commitment to his students and art. He is a guide, father and friend to his students. With his knowledge of music and kinship with spirituality and philosophy, he teaches not only the practical aspects of tabla, but also the spiritual aspects of the art of tabla.

After performing for many years with stalwarts of Indian classical music and dance, Guruji gave up his performing career to dedicate himself to teaching and composing.

For over 30 years, he has produced innumerable music professionals and has students around the world. He founded the Indian classical music school in India called Rhythm Riders Music Institute. Students from all over the world come to Ahmedabad, Gujarat to undertake training at Rhythm Riders. In addition, with his blessings, many of Guruji’s students teach tabla in places such as Australia, Europe, Korea and the USA.

Guruji trained in the “Guru-Shishya Parampara” under great maestros of three gharanas: the late Pandit Sudhirkumar Saxena (Ajrada Gharana), the late Ustad Latif Ahmed Khan (Delhi Gharana) and the late Ustad Allarakha (Punjab Gharana). He carries on the tradition in his teaching.
With thousands of compositions to his name, Guruji has established a modern form of classical tabla playing. As a composer, his work has a contemporary feel while carrying the essence and richness of a classical art form. His compositions appeal to the masses and maestros. He not only creates pure tabla compositions, but has worked with various arts bringing together different instruments and art forms.
In addition to his music mastery, Pandit Divyang Vakil is also a revered for philosopher and seeker, known for his knowledge of the subtler aspects of life. The son of a philosopher, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge since childhood, he has sought out and spent time with spiritual leaders, religious heads, shamans and saints from around the world. With his vast and deep understand of Indian philosophy and spirituality, he is revered as a Guru by students around the world. All those that have learnt from him, extensively or in a single lecture, appreciate the simplicity and clarity with which he explains complex ideas, his lack of religious or denominational agenda and ability to interconnect various concepts.
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