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Rushi Vakil

Rushi Vakil - Music Composer, Tabla Player, Keyboardist

Growing up in a world of music and tabla, for Rushi, son of Pandit Divyang Vakil, music runs in his blood. Formally training in tabla for over 20 years and teaching himself keyboard for over 10 years, he has great understanding of Indian and Western music styles. He regularly performs as a tabla artist and keyboardist and has Rushi has been a music director and composer for commercial CDs and documentaries as well as his own world fusion band Taan.

Rushi has performed as a tabla artist in many countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium and Hong Kong. He is the group leader for Pandit Divyang Vakil's contemporary classical tabla ensemble Talavya (for the compositions Tabla Ecstasy, and Power of Tabla) and the half-beat taal tabla ensemble Ardha Taal Chakravyuha. He also provides accompaniment on the keyboard for the tabla compositions Tabla Taandav and Ardha Taal Chakra.

As a composer, he is involved in a variety of projects.  His world fusion group Taan, which is a creative exploration of Indian and world music, made with the desire to show the beauty of Indian classical music and showing its relevance to music from around the globe.  In Taan, Rushi effortlessly moves between the keyboard and tabla, showcasing his command over melody and rhythm.

Rushi is always exploring collaborative projects with musicians around the world.  He is currently working with Korean artist Yu Kyung-hwa on an Indo-Korean project to debut in 2012 and a Canadian-Italian classical singer on Indian and Western classical music project.  He also represented India for the International Young Musicians Conference in Belgium.

Aside from composing and playing tabla and keyboard, Rushi trains others in these two instruments at Riders Music Institute. He has also performed in many different countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium and Hong Kong. He has worked with musicians from different countries and music traditions and has performed at the SFinks Festival and Colorafestival in Belgium.

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