Tālavya (formerly Tabla Ecstasy) Taking the US by storm

Tabla Ecstasy’s US tour has gotten off to a fantastic start. It’s been 5 concerts in 6 days and performances from Virginia down to Georgia. Great concerts, great food and great hospitality all around. Ecstasy’s first stop was Charlottesville, Virginia – home of Taalim School teacher Loren Oppenheimer. The group performed at University of Virginia to a very diverse audience that was clapping throughout and on their feet at the conclusion of the concert, full heartedly showing their appreciation for artists and their music. In fact, the response was such that a second concert was added to the itinerary.

Here are some shots from the night:

Loren opens starts off the show with a tabla solo in Jhaptaal.

Tabla Ecstasy all smiles for the audience

A standing ovation for the group

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